Bundled Payments with Carrum Health


Carrum Health is a digital health company that connects employers and employees to Centers of Excellence (COEs). Carum Health is the first company of its kind and is revolutionizing the way healthcare is being delivered through its comprehensive bundled payment arrangements with top providers in the country. Through Carrum Health, employers can provide healthcare directly from these COEs for a single transparent price to avoid receiving numerous and surprising bills (“RAND Corporation Study,” 2021). In addition, through Carrum Health’s bundled payment plan, patients save a significant amount of money while still receiving high quality surgical treatment as well as personalized support during their care journey from select COEs throughout the country.

One study performed by RAND Corporation shows the significant amount of money that can be saved through Carrum Health’s COE platform. The study, done between 2016 and 2020, analyzed medical claims from eight different Carrum Health clients and looked at two years of medical claims data before and after Carrum Health’s bundling plan was implemented. There was a total of 2,372 surgeries included in the study. The types of surgeries were all elective ranging from joint replacements, spinal fusions, and bariatric surgeries. The study showed an average savings of $16,144 per procedure when the surgery was done through Carrum Health. Furthermore, Carrum provides patients with financial savings such as out of pocket costs, co-pays, and deductibles. These additional costs would range from $998-$2,387 (“RAND, Corporation Study,” 2021).

Carrum has selected our team here at the Chicago Institute of Advanced Bariatrics to be the Center of Excellence for bariatric surgery in the Midwest, providing advanced and personalized care. We are excited to participate in something that will transform the way healthcare is paid for and administered. It is clear that the savings made through Carrum Health’s bundle plans are significant, while the patient care is of the highest quality.